• King DBag Posted: 12/25/2010 10:38am PST

    The Karmann Ghia (two n's in Karmann) was one of the most iconic and timeless designs ever. It still looks good today. I predict everyone of the h8ers dumping on this 458 design lives to feel the craving so great they'd sell a kidney to own it. This is an awesome car in all departments: looks, performance, sex appeal. Basta.

  • oscar Posted: 8/4/2009 8:19am PDT

    I have to laugh...I'm old enough to remember the Volkswagen Karman Ghia. Big mistake in design on the part of Ferrari!!!

  • jimwhenry Posted: 7/29/2009 10:49pm PDT

    People say it is a good idea to negotiate the new car price before you tell the dealer that you have a clunker!

  • nick Posted: 7/29/2009 12:11pm PDT

    Car looks and most likely performs amazing, although the tail lights have to go...

  • Maaz Posted: 7/29/2009 3:39am PDT

    That is the best exotic cat I have ever seen! In looks, it's even better then the legendary Ferrari Enzo! But the top speed and power is dissapointing

  • leo Posted: 7/29/2009 1:28am PDT

    not sure what to make of this roll out, couple of steps back for sure, time for lambo to grab this very rare opportunity and run with it, like producing something out of this world and bite into ferrari's market share....

  • Ben Posted: 7/28/2009 11:58pm PDT

    perfect. It looks exactly like what a Ferrari should look like. The F430 was always a bit out of the norm from the rest of the Ferrari's, but this one fits in with the rest of their lineup. It pretty much looks half Enzo-half F430.

  • fb_1503038935 avatar Jacky Posted: 7/28/2009 11:23pm PDT

    What a car!!!
    I'm sure we are going to see it in the streets of LA, Paris and London.

  • haze Posted: 7/28/2009 10:39pm PDT

    that car is sick,you guys are broke as haters you are the douche nozzle

  • Mik Carroll Posted: 7/28/2009 9:42pm PDT

    Sorry guys it looks terrible, I bet it's going to be a flop. It just doesn't have "it". The line angling down mid door ruined the flow, flatten that out or straighten and it will be pretty sweet, and move the tail lights, they don't look good, Ferrari is looking more and more like Lambo, too bad.

  • rjginca Posted: 7/28/2009 6:07pm PDT

    Looks like the 1992-1998 McLaren F1

  • Los Posted: 7/28/2009 6:07pm PDT

    Well, it's a Ferrari, so I cannot hate it. But at first site, I cannot say I love it (as I have with past models, 430, 360, 355). It will take some getting used to (if I ever do get used to it). It just looks like they are trying way too hard to make it look modern, thus the style looks like something you'd see from a lower-end company. Reminds me a bit of a car that some young yuppies would want to own. Or even worse, an older person who can finally afford it now (since he/she couldn't when they were in college). I suppose if you're that spoiled rich kid in college, this could be okay, but if you're older than 25, and you own this car, you'll look like a D-Bag, as others have referenced above. Thank god this isn't the only car in Ferrari's line up. Also, can't wait to see the next model that will replace the 458 in about 3 years or so.

  • Daytona7 Posted: 7/28/2009 4:30pm PDT

    Looks like a red bubble cut in half. Ferrari has taken a few dozen steps backwards as far as style goes. The D-Bags would not even lower their standards on this car.

  • hey bub Posted: 7/28/2009 3:39pm PDT

    I can already see all of the greasy D-Bags wearing their Ed Hardy shirts in LA lining up to buy one to so they can pose up and down PCH in Malibu.
    It is a beautiful car though. Too bad the guys that dive them are D-Bags. For the most part.

  • Harold Posted: 7/28/2009 1:01pm PDT

    Can I have it? Please:)