• Bill Burke Posted: 7/23/2009 7:58am PDT

    Looks like Chrysler is making the right move here. The Circuit will give them an opportunity to come to market quickly with a low demand type of electric vehicle. It's a sports car, so it fits the Dodge image of performance and its limited market allows Chrysler to take its time in production, correct any problems in the field, with managable product exposure. It will also generate hugh positive press for Dodge, just look at this car, it's a knockout,and yet be developed on a smaller budget. If the public demand increases, then Chrysler has a full line of electrics in the wings that will benefit from the Circuit's marketing and engineering data. Bright move Chrysler!

  • Eduardo Soto Posted: 10/19/2010 10:33am PDT

    Chrysler has in the past garnered cult like followings from it's line of edgy and out of the box designs. Unfortunately, reliability has also kept those same fans from becoming repeat buyers. Chrysler along with its sub brands must convince the buyer that their products are just as good if not better then the competitions. The RAM is a perfect example of this. I am surprised why they havn't released the 5.7 hybrid powerplant in the 1500 to compete against GMC.