• richard avatar Richard Posted: 7/16/2009 11:58am PDT

    That's typically been the problem: consumers have to pay more for diesel vehicles and take consolation in the fact that they'll make up the difference over time at the pump.
    As for the price spike, I have no idea. Oil prices, like pork bellies, is a commodity I don't speculate about if I can help it.

  • R2dad Posted: 7/16/2009 11:21am PDT

    I'm not sure why diesel had become so expensive in the first place. Sure, there is added cost to strip out the sulfur, but a while back diesel in california was more expensive than super unleaded, seemingly detached from demand. yes, it's down 45% from highs last year, but historically diesel was 5-15% cheaper than regular unleaded. So, did refiners choke off budding growth in diesel demand? Looks like it. Meanwhile, VW (touareg, see TCC review here: http://blogs.thecarconnection.com/marty-blog/1022190_driven-2009-volkswagen-touareg-v6-tdi) and BMW (3er, see TCC here: http://blogs.thecarconnection.com/marty-blog/1015770_2009-bmw-335d-spied) issued diesel powered vehicles here in the US with performance in mind and high sticker prices. Kind of hard to jump on a bandwagon when it's so loaded down with baggage.