• diablo777775 Posted: 7/13/2009 9:29pm PDT

    mopar rules suck
    wanna race
    hemmi's rule!!!

  • Darrell Lowry Posted: 7/13/2009 10:41am PDT

    no suprise it is sold as a lumina in places like Dubi

  • Bill Burke Posted: 7/13/2009 9:29am PDT

    As a Dodge lover,I'm thrilled to see the Viper live on and likely get even better. With input from Ferarri and Lamboughini I foresee great things for Viper. The number of Vipers may be less than Corvette, but there is no doubt which of the two draws more interest and means out landish brute performance to most "car people"-VIPER !! HISS,HISS !!!Good move Chrysler.

  • JKD Posted: 7/13/2009 7:46am PDT

    In for one Caprice