• James Posted: 4/2/2010 3:06pm PDT

    Come on, a 60's Dodge Coronet Hemi is about as far from a sleeper as you can get. Anybody, no matter how "untrained" and eye they have for cars, would see a 60's Dodge Coronet as an all-out performance vehicle. Many people, however, would see a GNX and think, "Oh, it's just some piece of crap hatch back." and shrug off the thought of losing in a race to it, when in actuality the GNX is a very fast car housing a Garrett turbo with a light weight ceramic impeller, an intercooler, rear wheel drive, ladder bar rear suspension, etc. I'm not a Gm guy, especially not a Buick guy, but I can't imagine any stock vehicle fitting the bill of a sleeper better than a GNX.

  • chris Posted: 6/20/2009 6:13pm PDT

    There's no "A" in 'definite'. Also, "but the even with a sport-calibrated suspension". Maybe you should take some courses at the local community college.

  • Steve-O Posted: 6/19/2009 8:55am PDT

    Never heard a GNX be described as a sleeper before. How about a REAL sleeper like a mid sixties Dodge Coronet with a Street Hemi?

  • lenny Posted: 6/19/2009 6:43am PDT

    I have never been a Ford fan or a 4 door sedan fan however I saw quite a few of the new 2010 Taurus come through Hots Springs NC yesterday and I have to admit that I was impressed with its styling and design. It now has body lines unlike what we have grown acustom to in the past few iterations, the high beltline makes the roof look lower giveing the car an overall lower aperarance. Now I need to drive the SHO and see if the performance impresses me as much as the styling ques......and if the seat of my pants can tell if its really 300+ hp.

  • Brandon Posted: 6/19/2009 5:16am PDT

    What happened to the June 23 embargo?? Rules don't apply to you?

  • John Voelcker Posted: 6/19/2009 4:47am PDT

    I drove the original SHO at the same Ford press event where they launched the 1989 Thunderbird with IRS and the turbocharged Probe (IIRC). The SHO was clearly the favorite of everyone there, and a true sleeper.
    Sounds like the new one has returned to historical roots--but this time it's actually got a Ford engine!