• MARK SMYTH Posted: 6/17/2009 11:14am PDT

    Firstly, the Taurus is not a big car. The Crown Victoria is a big car. Why rely on information that a car rental company supplies to tell you what size a car it is? People who know nothing about cars should not be writing about them. Can i say dumb and dumber here?? For those who think this SHO is a great car, beware as the previous engine in the SHO was made by Mercury marine engines and was very, very expensive to repair major parts like cylinder heads etc. A much better deal would be buy a Crown Vic or Mercury and add propane conversion to the standard V8 and get a $3,000 federal tax deduction and pay about 2/3 the price for LPG. Besides, 105 octane propane burns ultra fast and much cleaner than gasoline because it is 18 percent hydrogen. Cleaner, greener and lower cost with higher octane. A no brainer for those with no brains....lol.

  • JKD Posted: 6/18/2009 7:14am PDT

    Mark - Congrats on your propane-powered Crown Vic but, c'mon, man... Also, SHO expensive to repair? Who cares? It's fast and it comes in AWD, and one more detail: it actually handles well.

  • john P Posted: 7/15/2009 12:55pm PDT

    I ordered a 2010 tarus limited edition which has 19' wheels with low profile tires( 45) I asked the dealer to put the 18" wheeels from a SEL version which have the 55 tires which I beleive will give a better ride. he agreed to do it but could there be any problems