• Alex Luft Posted: 6/11/2009 9:13am PDT

    I think that the next-gen ML will/should grow in size compared to the current model. The GLK is roughly the same size and a better performer (handling-wise), looks better, yet both cars have 2 rows of seats.
    To differentiate the two vehicles, MB should move the ML up the size ladder and make it a 3-row seater. Either that, or base it off the E-class platform and have it compete with the Lexus GX (not off-road wise, obviously, as the ML is car-based).
    In fact, I think MB should simplify the entire CUV/SUV line-up, as today's nomenclature is too confusing for the average consumer:
    GLK should be C-class CUV
    ML should be E-class CUV
    GL should be S-class CUV
    You get the point. What do you think?