• CarsoBlog Posted: 6/9/2009 1:25am PDT

    If they could only do something with the sound and vibrations... They are killing the "fun factor" in the car...
    and still the name GTD is too "noisy", as the car is nowhere near GT... 8.1 second to 60? they can do better...

  • kha Posted: 6/15/2009 7:00pm PDT

    @ CarsoBlog. It says 8.1 seconds to 62, not 60, and it's a conservative factory figure. For everyday driving, it probably feels just as quick as the 2.0T GTI.

  • CarsoBlog Posted: 6/23/2009 12:12pm PDT

    Hi, sorry my mistake with 62 mpg... doesnt matter... i drive diesel everyday, and believe me - despite the torque, it's nowhere near the turbocharged gasoline engine... btw they just announced the prices - GTD costs 5% more than GTI... nonsense

  • john Posted: 2/11/2010 10:57am PST

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