• Ralph Stewart Posted: 9/2/2009 3:35pm PDT

    Does anybody know how soon the Golf TDI will be
    coming over to the USA? Can't wait to check it out and hopefully purchase one. Prices anyone?

  • Ryan Posted: 6/22/2009 3:48pm PDT

    The 2010 VW TDI Golf looks great and seems to be a promising car. What will be interesting is when VW USA actually brings over the VW Polo TDI - hopefully the bluemotion version. I think that is supposed to get around 62 MPG combined.

  • Matt Posted: 6/9/2009 11:58am PDT

    I wouldn't think the DSG would be 'preferred' over the manual, as the longevity is still up in the air. I'd much rather have a manual transmission. I'm looking to trade in my current Golf TDI when this one hits. It looks to be a good upgrade!

  • Kumar Posted: 5/26/2009 10:30am PDT

    "Golf tdi"

    Nice write up. I doubt that 4motion will make it over anytime soon, especially with the tdi, as the Audi arm isn't bringing their A3 diesel with that option either. I liked the ride and feel of a Jetta rental earlier this year, but think the Golf hatch is more practical.
    Perhaps the upcoming introduction of Subaru diesels (MY2011?)will finally force VW to bring 4motion to the Golf and the Jetta wagon.