• Kalscheur Posted: 11/25/2009 4:52pm PST

    You do a grave diservice to drivers and passengers to dismiss ALL suden
    acceleration events as bogus. Numerous drivers who are not mechanicaly
    sophisticated have had various events they would describe as sudden acceleration, witness today's Toyota unprecedented recall. Some dismissed
    these events as'floor mats' problem---but Toyotas' defect is a poorly designed gas pedal that is incompatable with a simple floor mat. AND Toyota is back to the engineering tables to rework it's electronic controls for acceleration and
    braking. Listen to the California driver's 911 tape -- the gas pedalwasnotsimply stuck-- the car was accelerating beyond control. You owe your readers better than the post I just read. And FYI I had 3 events of sudden acceleration withmy
    BMW 7series during the bitter cold of Wisconsin winter. BMW NA promised me
    an investigation but then never spoke with me during their investigation conducted in the middle of summer--before concluding the car had no SA problem because they could not duplicate a problem which appeared in near
    zero degree weather during their summer investgation!! How confident were they
    the car was safe? The dealer wouldn't put the car back on their lot and quietly shipped it off to an auto auction site and sold it for a fraction of the price the car would bring on it's lot. Question: if they really believed the car had no such problem why would they not resell it as a Certified Pre Owned at the blue book
    price? Trust me. There are legitimate cases of Sudden Acceleration.
    be on their lot

  • kaye Posted: 3/19/2010 2:24pm PDT

    "But no car has ever been proven to have a design defect that would cause so-called sudden acceleration."
    He said proven. You're trying to discredit something he never said. If you were so worried about the bmw you should have checked it yourself in near 0 weather. If it would stick on the road I bet it would stick in your driveway. This is mostly a case of idiots wanting someone else to be smart for them, and take the fall if they fail.
    Not to say cars don't have defects ever, but seriously, bmw took care of you. Stop whining.

  • Kalscheur Posted: 7/23/2010 9:29pm PDT

    Kaye, reread my post; (1) nothing "stuck" as you say; upon placing it in drive the car raced forward; (2) it did so three times in very cold weather; I took it back to the dealer for BMW's promised "investigation"; (3) BMW absolutely did not "take care of me"--in fact, despite promising to do so, they never even contacted me during their "investigation" at the dealer's shop; (4) they postponed the inspection until the summer! Are you getting it now, Kaye? (5)"Whining?" The dealer did absolutely nothing to help. (6)Don't resort to demeaning comments just because you disagree or lack an understanding of the facts.