• Rich Posted: 5/14/2009 7:35am PDT

    "too funny, too yesteryear"

    Ha, ha, ha. Reading this review (and seeing that photo) really brought a smile to my face. Thanks, CarConnection. I mean, this beast of a vehicle is so yesteryear. It looks like something out of the 70s. It might as well have 2 enormous fins off the back of it. And in this era of high gas costs, known polution problems and consumers' tightened finances, Nissan thinks they're going to go even MORE upscale and take on Range Rover. News flash, even Rover is hurting and was snatched up by an Indian company who has NEVER MADE A CAR (until the uber-cheap Tata). The only thing that would make this Nissan-Infiniti tank thing look more ridiculous is if it were loaded full of clowns and driven around a circus tent. But then, it wouldn't fit in a circus tent! I feel sorry for the clowns who drop $50k on this outdated joke of a vehicle.

  • Ra3y_Datsun Posted: 6/8/2009 7:27am PDT

    1, it has a nicer ride than many of the full size SUV's out there
    2, it is 10k less than the escalade even after incentives
    3, there are still a few people out there who like, want or need a vehicle like this
    4, it's built in pretty small quantities so I'm sure there are plenty of buyers out there
    That being said:
    5, yes there most likely will be good incentives
    6, duh, it's the 6th year of production so yes it will get redone
    and yes it will get smaller, and built in Japan
    so wait and see the new one will be amazing, and will fit nicely with the rest of the Infiniti line up