• MrUniteUs Posted: 11/13/2009 8:03am PST

    NYPD should buy hybrids from American car companies with our American tax dollars.
    Americans came though big time for your New Yorkes after 9-11, not the Japanese.
    The best way to improve the economy and create jobs in this country is to buy American and hire Americans

  • Richard Posted: 5/4/2009 12:06pm PDT

    "Read a little bit closer..."

    ..and you'll note that I didn't say "ubiquitous", just "more common". I was using the Impala for purposes of price comparison only.

  • John Voelcker Posted: 5/4/2009 7:23am PDT

    "Impalas ?!?!? Huh? No, dude: Crown Vics"

    There are a handful of current-generation Impalas floating around the NYPD, but the bulk of the patrol cars with full NYPD insignia are Crown Vics--the short-wheelbase ones, not the stretch models used as taxis.
    Today's NYPD trivia: That's how you can tell a NYPD undercover car. The black Impalas aren't meant to be incognito, but when the PD wants to travel invisibly, they use a standard patrol car that's ... bright yellow with a taxi meter on the roof! (With the "off duty" sign perpetually lit) The only way to tell is that the taxi fleets no longer use the short-wheelbase Crown Vics, so if you see one of those running around ... chances are it's NYPD and not a real cab.