• R2dad Posted: 4/6/2009 10:23am PDT


    Would have preferred to see all those standard features optional, to bring down the base for drivers who don't want a gussied-up version. Adaptive headlights=I like fussy German things that break and are hard to repair. Park distance control= I can't park my vehicle 'cause I'm a spaz. Radar cruise control= I can't drive properly. idrive=I like fussy German things that are hard to use. Real time traffic data= I don't know how to use a radio. Navigation system=I'd rather spend $3K instead of $10/month for identical phone nav.HUD=driving safely is too boring for me.rearview camera= I'm too fat to turn my head while backing up.

  • Jays Posted: 4/6/2009 11:17am PDT

    "Oh my"

    Marketing department 1...Engineering Department 0