• Lewis deSoto Posted: 7/7/2009 1:40pm PDT

    After driving a host of vehicles, including the Mazda 6, VW Passat, Cadillac STS, Infiniti G37 and Toyota Camry, Acura TL I purchased the Nissan Maxima. The CVT, which is complained about in this article takes some getting used to. If you want it to "shift", just put it in Ds (sport mode). Try the paddle shifters. In terms of understeer, I was able to over drive the rear wheels by some officious use of throttle and holding a gear in manual mode. It didn't take that much skill. One wonders if the writer was using the summer rubber formula or the "all season" tires, which are not good for spirited driving. The interior did not seem largely different from the Infinity G37 I drove, but decidedly narrower. Love the red stitching on the black leather, the heated seats, and lovely nav system (though Acura's is better). iPod connectivity and phone works great through the system and with the great steering wheel from the Z car, including the 350Z engine, I found the car much more engaging than the above competitors.