• Mike Posted: 3/6/2009 12:58pm PST


    Auto makers cant sell these cars if they stay in concept mode. When are they going to be available to the general public. I'd buy an EV now realistic was available. I can charge it with the 240 plug in my garage. No need to wait for a bunch of charging stations. Just gettem out there. The public and private sectors will figure out where, when, how to charge these things. Stop talking about it and start doing something.

  • Robert Posted: 3/6/2009 7:05am PST

    "I think Chrysler is the the next GM/Toyota"

    This car maker is low right now and it hurting but everything is and everything will I mean look at Toyota they got hybrids but its not ment for the back roads most important sport wich people today want but at the same time green and Dodge/jeep/Chrysler are doing it right I love it. The Dodge Circuit EV is outstanding I dont care if its the Lotus its a DODGE guys be happy with dont diss it Its American its going to help out wiht America.