• Darryl Ross Posted: 2/18/2009 9:40am PST


    More smoke and mirrors. Chrysler touts its awards but does not include sufficient details on how it will move more steel. It tells us about a fuel efficient V-6 but does not say how efficient. To my knowledge the best city number for a V-6 is 21 mpg. It would have been better for them to say that the 300 and Grand Cherokee spent time in the wind tunnel, dropped 1000 to 2000 pounds or so, and will offer fuel efficient clean turbodiesel engines, all to allow these vehicles to achieve 24 to 30 mpg in the city. That would be progress. They should add that Lotus was commissioned to improve the steering and handling to BMW levels and that Consumer Reports was being used as a benchmark to ensure that reliability ratings for these vehicles achieves much better than average. As for GM, my only advice is if you charge Audi, BMW and Mercedes prices for your vehicles, make sure that your vehicles are equal or better. Sadly when you look at the Cadillac CTS, they still have a way to go. The same can be said of the Malibu and Aura, with their fake locking fuel filler doors and missing passenger assist grips, versus the Accord and Camry. Add to it that GM needs of philosophy of less better quality offerings instead of more average offerings.

  • Richard Posted: 2/18/2009 9:56am PST

    "Agreed, but..."

    ...this might be enough to convince congress that Chrysler and GM are on the Road to Wellville. There's also the pesky matter of practicality and the corporate environments of each: even if they managed to think differently, could they apply that new thinking to new/revamped models in time to bring them to the marketplace before their ships sank?

  • Reece Posted: 2/18/2009 2:27pm PST


    The 300C looks quite bland, just the same design but with a new, and worse grill. The 300C stood out because it was different, but now it's not. V6 instead of hemi-V8? You have to be kidding, people went for the hemi because it was a hemi. a V-6 option makes sense though but they need to keep the V8 for the top power models.
    Cherokee used to have a unique styling, latest evrsion started to go away from that and this version looks like any other SUV except for the Jeep Grill. though is an impovement on compass/patriot and that awful Commander. Yes Jeep was a great brand name but so was buick once. Brand name only stays great if you have product that continues that. jeep hasn't in a very long time

  • Ron Stopfer Posted: 2/19/2009 6:17am PST

    "Car Enthusiastic"

    I wouldn't give "fitty cent" for any of these cars. Boring, overpriced, not what I want in a car. I like European handling, styling, fuel economy, safety, performance, etc. These cars are more of the same old thing and are part and parcel of what will eventually bring them down.

  • ElroyH Posted: 2/19/2009 7:12am PST


    The CTS coupe is nice but low volume....concerned that GM is abandoning segments (mini-van, mid-size SUV's)... they need to put their talents into a volume vehicle that they can sell above a Chevrolet price (higher margins)
    I don't expect the 300 mania any more but a new Grand Cherokee could be the pivot point that determines Chryler's survival