• Reece Posted: 2/17/2009 4:51pm PST

    "sober reading"

    At least GM seems to have better idea of what is going ona nd what they need to do than Chrysler's offer.
    Getting Swedish government to subsidize SAAB is good move.
    Does anyone really want Hummer?
    Saturn, too little too late. They should never have tried to turn it into an all singing and dancing brand with vehicles in each sector. It should have been eco sub brand of Chevy.
    Re dealers as with Chrysler (and probably to a lesser extent Ford) the Government may have to come into ease some of the dealers out through restructuring payments. Though they too may wait for them to just go bankrupt.
    In the end the reality is the US car manufacturing base was too large, focused too much on mass market vehicles rather than moving manufacturing up in quality and price and moving cheap cars off to Asia.
    fingers crossed they can make it.