• R2dad Posted: 2/16/2009 12:38pm PST

    "you journalists..."

    "Oh, and I failed to mention that she's also incredibly hot. Not that I noticed, because I'm a respectable blogger and certified eunich. I just couldn't write about that, or the tat in the small of her back."

  • Richard Posted: 2/16/2009 1:27pm PST


    Actually, I didn't mention anything about her looks because I wanted to avoid falling into all those "wrench wench" cliches. Also: people who make comments like that about random YouTube personalities seem a little creepy to me. Just sayin'.
    And: I pretty much hate lower back tattoos. Saturday Night Live did a spoof on them not long ago that was spot-on. If NBC wasn't so proprietary with its vids, I'd send you the link.

  • R2dad Posted: 2/16/2009 8:15pm PST

    "fair 'nuf"

    Touche. Still, this creepy ole guy couldn't help but notice. Yes, the SNL bit was a hoot, but mostly because of the condition of those women long after the adjectives Hot and Sexy (if ever) were applicable. Keep bringin' the content, Richard. In this day and age, I need a good laugh on a regular basis!

  • Sid Posted: 11/14/2010 12:38am PST

    Sweet car! But, I'm wondering what happened to her Black 2002 WRX, I thought THAT was her baby!