• John V Posted: 2/12/2009 1:22pm PST

    "Sperling didn't get unanimous rave reviews ...."

    How impressed you were with Sperling depends on how adamant you are about one particular technology. A PHEV forum this morning carried a post entitled, "Daniel Sperling from CARB - this is the fool advocating for us?"

  • Richard Posted: 2/12/2009 1:37pm PST


    Do you have a link for that? There are several of us who'd really love to hear some other opinions.

  • Reece Posted: 2/12/2009 2:45pm PST

    "are we really there yet"

    Watched the segment, was interesting what he has to say. though there will always be a difference of value between those that see cars as merely transportation and those that have an emotional attachment to driving. Unfortunately most of the new technologies currently are so focused on fuel economy that they are awful things to drive. In europe at least some manufacturers (particularly VW) are developing relative effecient direct injection cars that are also fun to drive.
    Also not sure I agree the technology is fully there. Battery electric cars still seem a while of being truely functional and economically viable for the vehicle makers. They can only get them out by charging higher price than equivalent gas cars and still have to have massive tax write offs as well. That is not viable long term. Tehre also seems a wide disparity between claimed milage and actual mileage per charge in real world driving circumstances. Also no one has thought of the consequence to US and the worlds power generation if there are suddenly millions of electric cars draining the grid. In places where power comes from coal powerstations mostly (most of the world) this is not going to be great for the environment.
    I agree crop based ehanol is a mistake and while there is new technology in the pipeline to develop new fuels (celulosic fuels) it takes a while to get that to reliable technology and into the market.
    Which is a problem when Governments get involved in picking winners they tend to chose the one with the best salespeople/lobbyist and not necessarily the best technology. The US has ot be careful the Government doesn't promote a technology that leads them to a dead end.
    And as much as I love John Stewart as a comedian, as a car person he doesn't seem to know what eh is talking about.

  • Auto Glass Posted: 2/12/2009 4:28pm PST

    "Auto Glass"

    i think even though its a billion car the buyers money is worthit coz the car has great features