• Reece Posted: 1/11/2009 2:36pm PST


    Further proof that Jeep has gone off the deep end. An electric SUV? OK patriot isn't much of an SUV, nor much of a car so why not make it not much of a useful EV. Jeep has lost its focus on what it does best, the market will come around in afew years times, things like this are a waste of precious money and engineering resources.

  • Larry Posted: 1/10/2009 10:59pm PST

    "Could be a winner!"

    Chrysler could have a real winner with this Jeep Patriot...only if they make some required changes to make it competitive in the marketplace.
    Besides needing long overdue restructuring of their management and union thug control of the workforce, Chrysler needs to really make a strong effort to get into the good graces of the car buying public.
    This will be no easy feat as lead management has been tarnished by typical corporate greed and self-centeredness devoid of realistic teamwork.
    In other words they have simply forgotten about the consumer and building good old fashioned trust.
    So, will the Jeep Patriot EV succeed? The answer will require some tough changes in how Chrysler continues to do business.
    Give consumers what they want with good value and competitive pricing. Simple concept. Simple solution.

  • Sarah lee Posted: 1/10/2009 9:54pm PST

    "Can Chrysler afford to make this car?"

    I wonder if Chrysler can make this car affordable, in the wake of all their issues. It took awhile for them to get onboard the fuel economy train, now can they get this to market, working reliably? ho