• Bill Burke Posted: 12/15/2008 3:12pm PST

    I'm not a BMW fan, but this one does't look bad. They have a couple of nice cars and some real dogs. Son owned a coupe and it was a bomb, but no one dare say because it was a BMW! Make mine a domestic. Still don't get the import hype.

  • JKD Posted: 12/15/2008 6:30pm PST

    It's interesting that this model will now be made in Germany instead of SC which will focus its newly expanded capacity on all X models. It's not too late to start saving for the X6, Bill :-P

  • Reece Posted: 12/15/2008 6:40pm PST

    I have always liked the Z4, after the hopeless Z3 it was a revelation and the only car to truely sue the bangle mess of lines and curves to the best. this one is even better looking, the proportionsa re more right, especially at the rear which was always a little too trunkated and bulbous for my liking. The new nose is nice too. Actually looks even nicer than the new(ish) Audi TT and is a real sports car (not a Golf in a Frock as Jeremy Clarkson would say). Just hope they don't kill it by making a stupid Hybrid version (you know GM would - if they could design something so beautiful)

  • JKD Posted: 12/15/2008 8:10pm PST

    Saturn Sky (Opel GT) is a very attractive car. I guess it's still considered GM...