• Ed Posted: 12/13/2008 4:07pm PST

    "Pretend you're an engineer at Ford. Wouldn't you be sick and tired of hearing from Washington and the coastal media that you build junk? "
    heads up, Marty:
    The Fusion is made in MEXICO.
    Not sure if the Hybrid Fusion is also made there. probably is.
    Add to that that the Hybrid sells for more than $27k, while the new Honda Insight prius Fighter 5-seater will sell for under $20k (!!!), and who cares if it is a few inches shorter, it will eb a far better value.
    And, most important, I read an article about Hybrid battery prices (replacement packs) in today's NY Times auto section.
    Amasingly, while both Honda and Toyota sell their packs for less than $3k and even close to $2k with their cost improvements over time, Ford sells the Escape pack for $6,000 (!!!). I wonder how much the fusion replacement battery pack will cost. I'd bet the same as the Escape's.

  • JKD Posted: 12/13/2008 5:41pm PST

    I'm sure the car WILL be wonderful but the Camry is here now and it even makes a penny in profit for Toyota as opposed to this Ford that's not here yet and will be limited (like the Escape hybrid), so it doesn't sink Ford into the abyss of losses.
    I also wonder what these wonderful Ford engineers were thinking when reaching to the 90s parts bin to put drum brakes back on many of their 2009 cars (including the Escape hybrid). It's not just the senators but they also think the public must be dumb but it's not; not even in Mexico where this car is made with our money. The little brother Ford Fiesta will join it there soon and maybe it should stay south of the border or maybe we could implement the tarrifs before it gets imported here to pay the line of credit back :-)

  • JKD Posted: 12/13/2008 5:57pm PST

    I'm sure it WILL be a wonderful Mexican car but the Camry is here now and it even makes a penny in profit for Toyota as opposed to these LIMITED production hybrids losing thousands each time they're sold. I also wonder what these wonderful Ford engineers were thinking when reaching to their 90s parts bin to put drum brakes on many 2009 models (including Fusion and the $35K Escape hybrid.) It will take a lot more than calling a non-existent car a "helluva good car" for the public to buy in.
    And perfect timing Ford - it would have been nice to have this two years ago. At $1.50 a nice and efficient Mexican F-150 is what Joe wants and not this or the Mexican Fiesta. Aside from the fact that it will only stay in mag advertisements, no traditional "domestic" buyer will even touch it, and the "import" buyers will mostly stay with their Civics, Accords, Camrys, and Corollas. We're all doomed....

  • Not ignorant Posted: 12/13/2008 7:24pm PST

    Hey rocket scientist, the F150 is built in Dearborn.
    I believe that hasn't been annexed by Mexico yet.
    Profits from the Fusion go to, where? Oh yeah. Michigan.
    Camry profits are great if you live in Toyota City, Japan.

  • factsplease Posted: 12/14/2008 2:43am PST

    Wow people...get your facts straight.
    1) The author didn't say where the car was made. He was pointing out that Ford has engineered a car that's better than Ford gets credit for. Better than the Toyota Camry Hybrid or non-existent Honda Accord hybrid anymore, which was a failure from the get go.
    2) This Fusion is a midsize sedan and competes against those type of cars, not the Honda Insight, which is a hatchback, to point out the other posters error. It also costs equivalent to the Camry hybrid because it competes against that class, not a smaller car. How about we compare a Toyota Camry to a Ford Focus price-wise? Which do you think costs more and why? Duh.
    3) As for drum brakes, why does Toyota use them? They must have better drum brake technology than Ford too because it says Toyota on the car. Get over it, unless your on an autocross track drum brakes work fine on the rear wheels.
    4) The Escape Hybrid doesn't cost $35k jack-wad, use real numbers please. It's the Toyota Highlander hybrid that costs that much, the Escape Hybrid is $8k less than that.
    5) The Fusion Hybrid goes on sale in a few months, I would say that it exists as opposed to your rant that it doesn't.
    6) Do you people realize that gas was $4 just a few months ago? You do realize that it takes years to engineer and develop a new car, you can't just pop one out in a year when the market changes. Maybe Nissan, Mazda, Honda, Mitsubishi, Suzuki, Hyundai, Kia, etc should all be dragged out and shot because they don't have any parallel hybrids on sale in the USA yet.
    7) Since when is the F-150 made in mexico for US consumption? Answer, it isn't. It's made in Mexico for sale in that country. Get your facts straight.
    8) Way to support your fellow Americans jobs folks. If you didn't all start buying foreign manufacturers cars, then the big 3 could have kept all their production in the USA and still sell vehicles at a profit. Instead to be competetive they have to build vehicles in Mexico. So when your business goes belly-up and you lose your job you can thank yourselves for buying foreign cars and costing millions of Americans their decent paying UAW jobs. I'm sick of all your ignorant bashing of American car manufacturers. At least they haven't abandoned the American people like you posters seem to have. Maybe they should have done what every other company has done in the USA and leave. Set up all production overseas and ship the products back to the USA. That's what you clueless folks would do apparently.

  • Ed Posted: 12/14/2008 2:00pm PST

    "DEEPLY ignorant wrote:
    December 13th, 2008 - 6:24 pm
    Profits from the Fusion go to, where? Oh yeah. Michigan."
    WHAT PROFITS, You effing clueless moron>??>?????
    The pitiful Detroit 3 cannot make a DIME on small cars, they never did, that's why GM imports the Aveo from KOREA (it is a DAEWOO). They could only make $ from huge-ass SUVs and Pickups nobody NEEDED but they could afford when gas was $1 a gallon.
    If they make $, why are they asking YOU MORON to bail them out?
    Not only are they not mnaking a DIME, Imbecile, they are losing BILLIONS ECERY SINGLE MONTH!!!!!!
    Learn your facts, retard, then open your ignorant mouth.

  • Darin Posted: 12/14/2008 6:16pm PST

    Hey there Ed, did you graduate high school? Your spelling and command of the facts suggest not. I believe the big 3 have to make some major changes but I'm not willing to write them off. Like it or not, without a domestic auto industry we can take a seat next to England as a second class industrial power. Not that it matters to me, since I'm a doctor and make plenty of money whether or not the big three are in business. But it DOES matter for the millions of people who were not lucky enough, either financially or mentally, to earn an advanced degree. Given the nature of your post I suspect you are one of those people.

  • PLCF Posted: 12/15/2008 1:14am PST

    Hello JKD:
    From the Toyota Prius web site:
    Power-assisted ventilated front disc/rear drum with Anti-lock Brake System (ABS) and integrated regenerative braking
    I get upset when people compare the Prius to a Corolla. The Prius has much more rear leg room and is a hatch back. I also do not understand when you compare a Fusion to a non-existent Honda that is smaller.
    At 39MPG city, the Fusion would be the third best city MPG car sold in the US, just 1 MPG behind the Civic Hybrid. At 37MPG highway, it would be number 4, (Prius 1, Civic Hybrid 2, Smart fortwo 3).
    If people bought just the best MPG cars we would all drive Priuses (not a bad idea). If you look at hybrid sales the Prius is over 50% of US sales. The Ford Escape out sold the Honda Civic hybrid last month (not normal).
    So with the introduction of the Fusion Hybrid, Ford will have the highest MPG SUV (Escape Hybrid), the highest MPG family car and the highest MPG pickup truck (Ranger). Toyota keeps the highest overall MPG with the excellent every family should have one Prius. GM has the best MPG full size trucks (Silverado and Sierra hybrids).

  • JL Posted: 12/15/2008 10:51am PST

    Edly Ignorant, again YOU are missing the point. FACT-The majority of the profits of car companies still go back home despite where the cars are made. I believe that was the main point from not ignorant, but of course there you go off some side tangent.

  • JKD Posted: 12/15/2008 10:56am PST

    Let's see, let me ask it another way... What new feature do you get with the 2009 Escape 4x4 Limited (MSRP $34,450 before any options)? That's right, rear drum brakes :-) And yes, Ford's future may be riding on Fusion and Fiesta but you WILL be buying a Mexico-assembled car (nothing against Mexicans but there are soon too be unemployed Americans who should be building it instead.) Those "good for nothing" senators will be asking where the cars are made. What will Ford say in its defense?

  • Matt Posted: 12/15/2008 12:05pm PST

    Way to go Ford. I've never owned a car, owned Japanese almost my entire life, but as an american who understands the economic impact of a domestic auto industry and as a consumer that has seen quality levels of the best domestics meet or exceed that of the japanese, i'd love to buy american. Now they just need to build a B sized RWD 4 passenger car that weighs under 2800 lbs.

  • JKD Posted: 12/15/2008 12:29pm PST

    Matt - I'm there with you, man. I did have one wonderful "domestic" though, a brand new 2004 GTO... Fusion is superior to it since at least it's engineered in the States. I'm thinking a Malibu hybrid (when you can actually get one) or the guilty pleasure of the Suburban hybrid (if it's ever available) or the ultimate base Corvette (would my wife understand the last two?)