• seano Posted: 11/24/2008 7:22pm PST

    It isn't pretty. Their 'other' four door, the Cayenne manages to look better than this. And I'll wager it is still cheaper...
    The humped compromise in order to make the thing a practical four seater is just tooooooo much.....who would dream about owning a fat arsed Porsche?

  • R2dad Posted: 11/25/2008 12:54am PST

    Agreed. Prototype is a winner, production version a loser. production car looks fine from the B pillar forward--can't they do anything with that bahookey? Mercedes was unable to pull it off, but still made their 4 door coupe a looker. who cares if your passengers are uncomfortable--they're not taking a cross-country drive, just a ride to the golfclub/restaurant.unfortunately, don't think porsche management will come to this conclusion. the launch will fail, the product won't sell, they'll blame on the fact that it's a sedan (and fickle american drivers) and scrap it in 2 years. compare this to the lambo estoque. who cares if it's a mammoth GT rather than a sports car--they're not competing against the M3.

  • wkile- Posted: 11/25/2008 8:27am PST

    When Porsche brought out the Cayanne, I wondered why did Porsche need an SUV, now it's one of the better selling models in their line up, and honestly, it's a great looking box. When Porsche said they wanted to do a 4 door sedan, again, I found myself wondering why, but went with it. I saw the above "spyshot" the first time I was excited about the new 4 door Porsche. And then we get the production car. I agree with R2dad, from teh B-pilar forward the car looks fantastic, but that ass is just so big, it's like out there...Guess Sir-Mix-A-Lot would love it cause Baby's got back......
    If I had the funds, I'd wait for the Aston Martin Rapide, and to hold myself over until then, I'd buy a M-B CLS63, talk about sexy...

  • Cyrus EM Posted: 11/25/2008 10:03am PST

    Humpty Dumpty
    Thank god Porsche bought VW, they will loose their shirt on this one!

  • Ed Posted: 11/25/2008 10:55am PST

    Even if the looks were perfect, this is a huge heavy car, 2 tons, or more than 4,000 lbs weight.
    It would need an immense HP and TOrque and even then it would not possibly have as good driving dynamics and acceleration from zero as the far lighter 911.
    The Cayenne is no beauty queen either, and the VW Touareg version of the Cayenne is more elegant and smooth overall. The smaller VW Tiguan is very good on the outside (and probably interior too). If they only improved the Rerliability and stuck a small, High MPG Diesel in it...

  • Reece Posted: 11/25/2008 8:19pm PST

    not as ugly as early prototypes and not as ugly as Cayenne but is it the wrong car at the wrong time? And is Porsche killing its won brand name in the long run with things like this and Cayenne? Will it sell? Probably at least initially as there are plenty of Sheik's and other mega rich who will want 1 for their collection but after that initial phase just can't see it's long term viability. Then there is the more exclusive Aston Martin Rapide and that bizarre thing Lambo came out with. Can not see a market for all these cars. the last excess for a while I would think.
    Will be interesting to see how the financial crisis will hit porsche though probably more at the 911 range with all those bankers losing their jobs. Buying VW is the best decision they have made, their own stock price will crumble soon.

  • Pop Posted: 1/18/2009 9:38pm PST

    "Porsche Panamera"

    Beautiful..I want one..always wanted to take my wife and family in a Porsche..will trade in my Merc S class for this one..