• Marty Padgett Posted: 11/24/2008 3:31pm PST

    Christ, what a dismal future this predicts.

  • Ed Posted: 11/24/2008 3:38pm PST

    This is a huge, heavy car, surprisingly tall for its curvy profile.
    The front overhang looks terrible, and, Colin, I assume RWD did not save it from having one. I am sure there is a reason for it (probably Aerodynamics), but it looks pathetic on any car, let alone a $200k or so car.
    I am not as concerned about the liftback, though.
    PS I saw these pics on Autoblog days ago.

  • colin Posted: 11/24/2008 3:43pm PST

    Actually, Ed, Panamera will be offered in both RWD and all-wheel drive. I'm not an enemy of the liftback, though I do think it looks awkward on this Porsche. Agreed - front overhang ain't pretty.

  • Ed Posted: 11/24/2008 4:06pm PST

    Colin: of course, I am aware. i was only teasing you because in our prior discussion of Front overhang you blamed the FWD for them, which of course is not true, as both this one and the MINI (FWD, but practically zero overhangs!) prove.
    Consumers will be the judges. The Porshe 928 sold for more than the 911 back then, but is almost worthless today, while the classic 911 retained a lot of its value (esp. the aircooled Turbo)
    Same with the Ferraris, the 430 or 460 lists for much less than the bigger v12s, but it actually appreciates in value (!!), while the other depreciates.

  • LesBaer45 Posted: 11/24/2008 4:13pm PST

    I have no problems with a Porsche 4 door. Or even a 5 door.
    It's just I'm not certain what the rear end is saying. The look reminds me of a Chrysler Crossfire. Or a late 30s, early 40s sedan.
    The front looks like a Mazda3 or 6.

  • colin Posted: 11/24/2008 4:30pm PST

    touche ed ;-) you got me on the FWD/RWD/overhang issue. Though I maintain that keeping a minimal front overhang in a front- or all-wheel drive vehicle is more challenging than in a rear-wheel drive vehicle. But, as you point out, it clearly can be done with a modicum of effort and intelligent engineering. BMW seems to be the leader (designer of the Mini as you know), with front wheels pushed right to the front corners of the vehicle. Great look, great driving dynamics. Re: value to brand and brand reputation - Porsche has managed the Cayenne well, despite the naysayers. Will they do it with this Panamera? One can only hope.

  • Ed Posted: 11/24/2008 4:52pm PST

    BMW bought the Mini. The original Mini in the late 50s also had zero overhangs, and BMW had nothing to do with it, it was its original ingenious designer Alec (Sir Alec) Issigonis who came up with the idea of pushing the wheels to the edges to maximize the small interior.

  • JKD Posted: 11/24/2008 5:04pm PST

    This is an absolute beauty! The question is, will I be able to fit two or three chicks in the back seat?

  • Ed Posted: 11/24/2008 5:36pm PST

    Tjhe car is huge, I have seen the dimensions, both the weight , length and height are way bigger than the 911, it is near S-class coupe territory.
    So you can obviously fit 3 'chicks' in the back seat, unless they all look (and weigh as much as) like Rosie O' Donnel (JJKD's "girlfriend")
    (Or were you talking about REAL Chickens, JKD?? (or maybe a goat? LOL)

  • JKD Posted: 11/24/2008 6:51pm PST

    I like chicks; you should try it one day; you may like it unless you were born with it. With all that screaming and complaining like an old hag, it may be in your genes after all. I'd be bitter too. An operation may be the only way out for you.

  • Ed Posted: 11/24/2008 7:02pm PST

    Your problem is that chicks don't like YOU, apparently.. LOL.