• Ed Posted: 11/7/2008 4:55pm PST

    The MORON CEOS at Mercedes paid an arm and a leg for Chrysler in 1998, 36-37 Billion $ at the time, and the $ then was really strong.
    The same morons sold Chrysler to Cerberus for $7 billion
    I doubt that these true-blue, USDA choice morons at M-B made a DIME off chrysler, no matter how they exploited it.
    NOTHING Chrysler could offer Mercedes would make up the $30+ BILLION$ difference (which is far greater if you adjust for inflation!)
    But Cerberus got NO BARGAIN when it paid $6 or 7 billion for Chrysler, now it cannot unload it even for $1 billion.
    BTW, The M-B CEOS are not alone. Many Automakers, when they got a ton of cash, tend to waste it in silly aquisitions.
    Look at FORD, it was almost dead in 1983, then the home run FIRST Gen Taurus came out and sold like crazy, made them a ton of $, and what did the Ford moron CEOs do???
    They wasted most of it on lame-ass BRIT makers!!! JAguar, Aston, Land Rover, and that swedish loser VOLVO, whose sales last OCt fell 52% (!!!!!!)

  • Bill Burke Posted: 11/7/2008 4:04pm PST

    Mercedes makes me sick! I can't tell you how angry I get to see this car that was developed in part on the assets bleed from Chrysler. Just a few years ago Chrysler was flying high and MB was on the ropes due to poor quality. Guess who paid for keeping them in the game long enough to over-come their problems? In return MB stripped every cent from Chrysler product development and the result was sub-par product which has exasperated the present situation at Chrysler. My responce to these products is that they are built on the blood, sweat and talent of American industry. The worm will turn, as they say.