• Ed Posted: 10/28/2008 2:05pm PDT

    This is a FANTASTIC car for a SERIOUS DRIVER that needs to do a lot of miles (mostly hgihway) every year.
    On the highway, Popular mechanics tested one of this against a very inferior (handling and driving pleasure-wise ugly Prius and the jetta was 1 MPG BETTER!
    Which proves that EPA mpgs are not good even for COMPARISON purposes. Because the jetts is listed by the clueless EPA at 40 or 41 HWY and does ACTUAL 46, and the Prius is listed 45 and also does 45 Highway. (in the city, the prius is much better than the jetta.)
    The only Q I have is will the car (apart from the excellent diesel engine) be RELIABLE?

  • Arly Posted: 12/27/2008 3:01am PST

    I been driving a Jetta 2.5 for four years and I LOVE the performance of the mileage in this car. I believe that EPA rating in vw cars is very undestimated because they don´t want american people to buy high performance imports like vw cars. I go fast in the highway about 60 to 90 mph and the fuel indicator still move sligtly a bit after riding it for about 40 minutes on the higway. I do alot of higway driving and couldn´t believe it at first that my jetta mileage was incredible. Despite of critics and I use a radar because my jetta flies on the higway is what really drivers want. Tip if you have a jetta with both transmissions: to avoid a cop just switch automatic to manual back and forth several times to eliminated cop´s radar to get your speed. EPA should be more objective on rating these cars despite of the lack of effiency of american cars. We should demand american companies to create high effiency cars in mileage due that our tax money is bailing out the american companies. And the goverment should offer equal tax benefits when you buying green cars regardless of where they come from.. Stop the ignorance and be objective when buying a car that would make a difference in our world...