• George Blau Posted: 10/2/2008 5:21pm PDT

    The BMW 600's rear door is not "suicide" and mentioned in this article.
    You can easily see the hinges sticking out on the right side of the door on the pictured car, which make the door open like a regular one.

  • SamBlob Posted: 7/4/2010 6:04am PDT

    Congratulations, Mr. Mathews, on writing an article with the brilliant style of "Car and Driver" and the flawless accuracy of "Motor Trend".
    If you are going to fill an article with snide remarks, you really should not mention the presence of a suicide door and a V-twin engine in a car that actually had neither. Someone just might use these mistakes to make snide remarks about your article.
    Actual research might be more difficult than taking a quick look at a Wikipedia article, but it is also more rewarding for the writer and even more so for the readers.