• Isaac Peters Posted: 3/29/2009 1:18am PDT

    "Never was a ford man anyhow!"

    This truly is a story worth listening to. Pride falls to humility and perseverance, tragic that arrogance is put ahead of relationships so often for greed and then families are forever changed as "corporations" can seemingly go unscathed. My sincere desire is that good come to all the hurts that family members endured.

  • Fred Winterburn Posted: 10/30/2008 8:46pm PDT

    I'm looking forward to watching it. My father, F.L. Winterburn invented the first successful Capacitive Discharge ignition system. I'm afraid his experience was poor with theft of the idea from all of the American manufacturers and one American named H.W.Lawson who claimed to have invented first. That cost seven years for the US patent. The euoropean and Canadian patents were his by 1966 (first filed in Sept. 1963), but the US patent was 1971. The only honest firm was Bosch who bought the French,British,and German patent rights in 1974. That partly offset my father's losses. There are more stories of theft of his idea than I can write here. I'm glad Kearns prevailed even if my late father did not. There is hope, Fred Winterburn, Ripley, Ontario, Canada

  • SherPoint Posted: 10/5/2008 1:50am PDT

    This is an AWESOME movie! I highly recommend it!

  • sue Posted: 9/30/2008 4:25pm PDT

    if this is indeed true...I'll never buy another ford product and I'm a lifer so far.......that's pathetic....