• JasonERF Posted: 7/14/2008 12:53pm PDT

    LoewyDesign- touched on this already but...
    It's like Acura is trying to do the "edgy/sharp" version of BMW's UGLY "swoppy bulges" design that has FAILED.
    What happened to this design direction of the TSX: http://www.tommychang.net/uploaded_images/2008_Honda_Accord-784253.jpg
    They made a show car of it- but now we've got just a smaller version of this TL.

  • Steve Posted: 7/13/2008 6:35pm PDT

    The current TL was a bargain and attactive in a conservative way. That car gave Acura it's Mojo back in the U.S. This one, I'm not so sure about... will have to see all of those curves in the metal to see if it works or not. In the pictures it looks incongruous and fussy.
    Other than the nameplate and perhaps dealer service, what does it mean to be a luxury car any more? Compare this car to the new Mazda6 which, based on photos, looks to be an amazing looking car. It's also available with a powerful V6, multi-gear automatic, leather, Nav, Bluetooth, etc. Is an extra 20 or 30 hp and probably better dealer service really worth $10,000 extra for the Acura?
    Personally, I don't even see the point of paying for built-in navigation and would pocket the money and just use a portable unit or a new iPhone when I need it... which isn't very often and usually NOT when I'm near my home in my own car. I want Nav when I'm in a rental car in a strange city.
    Anyway, I digress. It seems to me that with cars in the $25-$30k range so full of features and performance, that it really takes something special or unique to justify a $35k price... or even a $50k price any more. It wasn't that long ago that luxury nameplates got you more safety features (ABS, more airbags, traction control) but these are now standard or available on cars at the bottom of the market. Quality is no longer even a differentiator as marques like Mercedes and BMW are LESS reliable than even Korean cars. It seems to me that styling needs to be a key differentiator, as it's the outward signal that you paid a luxury car price.

  • LoewyDesign Posted: 7/11/2008 7:29pm PDT

    Car design is devolving into styling that could only appeal to 16 year old boys who ride skateboards and wear their caps backwards. This new TL is just the latest in a series of increasingly trite designs that have to include the BMW kink, fender bulges and all sorts of incongruous lines. It looks like the same people design athletic shoes as design the current crop of cars. The beak is ugly and indefensible. Other than that, I really like it.

  • Jay Posted: 7/11/2008 5:53pm PDT

    Yawn, just like the rest of the current Acura line up. Breaks no new ground in styling, adding AWD only catches it up with every other luxury car line in the world, and front end looks like a Jack-O-Lantern.

  • xxx Posted: 7/11/2008 12:07pm PDT

    Does not look bad - I wonder why the grill blade is so much larger than on the TSX or RL

  • Mac Posted: 7/11/2008 10:01am PDT

    Overall shape is good if a little Lexus GS.
    On the good side:
    - Surfacing on wheelarch and flanks is good.
    - Overall proportions good.
    - Shoulder-line very strong, very modern.
    - Overall stance aggressive.
    On the bad side:
    - Front grille looks like the cassette deck from an 80's stereo. Too vertical nature on what is supposed to be a sleek car.
    - Front bumper ( fender ) V design is too much like Infiniti/Nissan.
    - Shutlines on the bonnet are very weird and overdone.
    - Double kink on swage line over front wheelarch is fussy.
    - Extended fake C-pillar shutline looks tacked on.
    - Aluminium trim around the glasshouse it too thick.
    So idea good, execution messy. Other than that it's a perfectly reasonable 2008 generic Japanese Manufacturer mid market saloon. It's just not very premium to me.

  • ACURA23CL Posted: 7/11/2008 9:50am PDT

    I work at Honda R&D in Ohio, and while TL is not my project, I did see one driving around the facility yesterday , but it still had "the beak" cover up, but the rear fully exposed. The last generation TL is the sh!t, right!!! Believe me, I'm am one of the biggest haters of "the beak", but I hafta admit seeing this picture on Motortrend.com has got me thinking again. The TL is the only car out of the entire Acura line-up sportin' "the beak" that I actually like!!! The RL and the TSX don't look that good, almost horrible. But, this TL looks great!!! I love it! This car looks AWESOME!!!