• Dale Posted: 7/5/2008 3:38pm PDT

    The hybreds today . . . Prius and others . . . have a battery that has a huge carbon footprint, some say equal to driving a Hummer for a year, before they ever leave the lot. They cost 8 or 10 k more than a similar 4 cyl car. How many years do you think you could run a Focus or Marda 3 with the extra money? Maybe 5 or 6 years!! Plus, the Prius is bone-ugly, drives like a turd, and when it runs out of warranty will be extremely expensive to maintain and repair.
    Better options may be coming in the future, but I will wait and see. I am totally amused by the numbers of folks that run out and spend 15 or 20 k to buy a new car that gets better mileage than the one they have . . . but . . . if the vehicle you have is in good condition, safe and comfortable . . . did you ever figure out how long you could drive it, even at todays gas prices with the money you are spending to save a few mpg?

  • Tom L Posted: 7/2/2008 11:23pm PDT

    Since Wired came out with an article describing how the energy required to make a prius offsets the energy you save driving it there really is not an ecological motive to buy a hybrid. I'm personally waiting until 2014 before I make my next car purchase and by then hope to have several options in the plug-in category. I like the idea of not using any gas to run errands or commute. Having said that if I can keep my commute where it is now (200 miles a month on my car) I will not bother buying a new car since I won't drive it enough to justify the depreciation. A used 2008 Explorer should run about 4 grand in 2014.

  • Ed Posted: 7/2/2008 12:07pm PDT

    Should WAIT and keep whatever you have.
    In addition, VERY VERY FEW Private motorists are asuited for a real HYBRID. |Those who do 1. LOTS ans 2. CITY miles. Idf you do a lot of highway miles, you would be a damnwed fool to buy a hybrid, as you would be dragging along a second engine that contributwes LITTLE to your cruise controlled trip.