• Patrick Posted: 7/2/2008 12:39pm PDT

    I agree with you Bill. People will want full size truck especially if they get good fuel economy. People if you've noticed both the 5.7 and 4.7 engines were improved in both performance and fuel mileage. Chrysler is also re-doing the V-6 which will have both VVT and MDS. It will be able to run in 3 cylinder mode. This engine will likely be used in 1500 Series Trucks, Dakotas, 300C, Charger, Challenger, Avenger-Cirrus, Mini-Vans and some Jeeps. I think Dodge hit a bulls eye buy improving fuel mileage, performance and quality in this shrinking but still relatively large market. This should help them better compete for customers who need trucks. BTW Toyota can't make but a hand full of the Prius models per year. Yet they make a massive amount of large trucks, SUVs and Minivans which are all gas guzzlers.

  • Bill Burke Posted: 6/30/2008 11:55am PDT

    It seems to me there will always be a sizable market for big pickup trucks. Hey guys this is America, not Europe and our tastes demographics and traditions are very different. Dodge is moving in the right direction with the Ram and the market will rebound shrtly after we announce drilling authorization. As far as the American auto industry, we'll see high import tarriffs before we give away that important part of America. Maybe you guys should move to Denmark.

  • HDFL Posted: 6/27/2008 1:50pm PDT

    At this rate, they're doomed. So much for the US car industry. A wolf in sheep's clothing is still a wolf. People do not want V8s. You have to think about serious shrinking, Chrysler: four cylinders and V6s, like the small pickups in the late 70s. And only those who really need pickups will buy these smaller vehicles.

  • JKD Posted: 6/27/2008 11:19am PDT

    They're moving too slow and doing too little. Good luck, Chrysler - maybe in the next life...