• Mark Posted: 5/18/2008 12:50pm PDT

    I think someone got something wrong in this article.
    The Delta Township plant in Lansing, MI does not produce the Malibu.
    That plant produces the Enclave, Acadia, and Outlook.
    Fairfax, KS and Orion, MI produce the Malibu.

  • Frank Posted: 5/19/2008 2:04pm PDT

    I cannot believe the workers for American Axle. I have tried to buy American cars since i got my license and that
    will be 4 times now. But after GM has been bled so many
    time these last few years due to poor planning, management
    etc.-these American workers are like jackals going not for the jugular but the carotid artery of Gm attacking a car
    that hopefully will be a hit for GM, the new Malibu. I
    am driving these piece of crap American cars, so these A...
    holes can F... with GM anytime. I will buy for now on-
    the best car for my money. Not the company but the selfish
    workers are the cause-these useless Unions ae the Death
    of America