• john Posted: 4/24/2008 5:34pm PDT

    if this looks anything close to the Verve concept, FORD will have a winner on its hands b/c the Nissan Versa, Honda Fit, and Toyota Yaris are pretty damn boring and uninspiring in design. let's just hope that the move from concept to show car was not dumbed down by corporate executives.

  • Brian Williams Posted: 4/24/2008 6:39pm PDT

    Glen... your killing me!!! You better be careful shooting on Ford property or your going to end up with a nice tresspassing lawsuit... You know I could have got the same shots, but I decided to take the high road. I'll see you around. Brian Williams

  • Oblio Posted: 4/24/2008 11:32pm PDT

    >> "hatchbacks could easily make the move to U.S. showrooms if demand is deemed strong enough"


    see this video:

  • JP Posted: 4/25/2008 12:13am PDT

    So will Ford sell it in the U.S. as the Fiesta? Or will it get a different name?

  • wkile Posted: 4/25/2008 8:13am PDT

    I think that Ford has a hit on their hands with this new Fiesta/Verve sedan. The Fit/Yaris/Versa have proven that there is a US market for cars smaller than the Focus. However I do think that Ford should offer the 3 and 5 door hatchbacks here, since they don't make a Focus hatch anymore........Plus those are some damn good looking cars ;-).

  • MWL Posted: 4/25/2008 9:01am PDT

    It's the three door or bust for me.

  • Ed Posted: 4/25/2008 10:45am PDT

    The Fit is a very inbtelligent design, but a bit boring outside. But this is a very old design. A NEW Fit is already out, much better exterior, more HP AND very fuel efficient.

    The Yaris is weird looking but practical and fgugal, and the versa has a lot of interior room,

    each of the three aim in different sub-segments.

    Ford shoud have kept the "Verve" name as most old Fiestas looked terrible (even thew euro models), and were not that good in general.

    If the price is not too high and the MPG IS, the Verve-Fiesta should do well.

    PS The spy photos told me ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. Did they tell anybody else anything worth mentioning? I think spy photos of very disguised prototypes is a really silly exercise.

    Especially since we have already seen the great-looking Verve at the auto show.

    Now if Ford could only bring something that looks not too different from that, and THIS FALL, not in 2015!

  • Celeste Posted: 4/26/2008 11:47am PDT

    Looks an awful lot like a Focus... maybe it's just the Focus wheels that are throwing me off, but it needs to look like a Verve, not a little(er) Focus.

  • atomicbri Posted: 4/26/2008 1:53pm PDT

    BRING THE HATCHES FORD!! I was ill when the Focus Hatches were dropped in favor of that weird looking Focus coupe. The new Fiestas look great in hatch form and I would think it would be a mistake for Ford not to sell them in the US.

  • Mike Mitchell Posted: 4/27/2008 11:41am PDT

    Mike says, Ford would make a huge 'initial impact' mistake by not showing off the 3-dr./
    5-dr. hatchbacks at introductory time. Include me in the "not interested" crowd for
    the sedan model. The Focus would have faired much better if they had kept it refreshed
    and updated. Instead, right at the time everyone else is introducing popular hatchbacks
    Ford drops the Focus hatch. Make mine a Verve/Fiesta 5-dr. hatch in deep metallic

  • Ed Posted: 4/29/2008 3:57pm PDT

    Perhaps Ford should rename the 4-door Fiesta the "Siesta"

  • jak Posted: 5/5/2008 6:30pm PDT

    WOW :) I had Ford Feista from 1979! I wonder if the new one will be as good as this amazing car was back in the 70'

  • Jim Posted: 5/21/2008 10:06am PDT

    Way to go Ford. Again, you are bringing a sedan to market and not bringing the three or five door hatch. One of the benefits about the three or five door hatch in a small car is the surprising utility that the configuration offers. Ironically, U.S. automakers loved the format of a hatchback when it came attached to large SUVs.

  • Eunos Posted: 5/22/2008 9:43pm PDT

    Is Ford management THAT retarded? Why do they insist on bringing us horrid sedan versions of the attractive hatchbacks they have on sale in Europe? I'm sure the Verve/Fiesta will be some nasty-plastic thing slapped together in Mexico and not nearly as cool as the Euro versions

  • Chris D. Posted: 5/23/2008 12:46pm PDT

    Eunos, "slapped together" and "Mexico" don't belong in the same sentence when referring to Ford. Have you noticed any of the quality accolades Ford's received on the Mexican-built Fusion/Milan/MKZ trio? I too would like to see both a hatchback and a sedan version of the Fiesta as well, but if for some legitimate reason they can only start with one model then they have to bring the one with the broadest appeal, and considering that Americans have never been crazy about hatchbacks (even if that is slowly changing) it makes sense to bring the sedan first. I for one prefer sedans, I hate the idea of opening a bulky hatch or reaching through the opened glass every time I want to access the cargo area (I'll trade off the overall greater cargo capacity of a hatchback).

  • steve Posted: 6/2/2008 2:46pm PDT

    i agree w/ some of the comments made already. If ford wishes to bring us the fiesta as a sedan fine. However, they would be unbelievably short sighted to not include the hatches -- especially the 2 door hatchback. In any case, no matter the cost of the fiesta it better be upscale and put together well or it won't sell just like all the other detroit small cars of history. americans won't buy junk any longer.

  • wade Posted: 6/15/2008 12:16am PDT

    what's the valve (yellow handle) & fitting to the right of the left rear wheel in the photo of the rear of the car? is Ford testing a hydrogen Fiesta? Sign me up for the hatch, too...

  • Joe Posted: 6/27/2008 5:04pm PDT

    Ugh, I can't wait for these to become available! Hurry up Ford, I want to buy one!!! That said I would be sooooo happy if they would change their minds on the Fiesta name lol.

  • Louis Posted: 7/23/2008 6:53pm PDT

    If the 5-door hatch does not come to the States, then Ford has LOST A GUARANTEED SALE. If we get that car, I will buy one immediately, but I will never buy an ugly, small sedan. Doesn't make sense, doesn't look as good, not as practical... Sedans are great when they are 5-series or A4 or Jettas etc... small cars NEED to be hatches, it just makes sense...

  • Tom Beck Posted: 7/25/2008 2:05am PDT

    I drove a 5-door Ford Fiesta in France for two weeks in 05. It had the 1.6 turbo diesel and averaged 55 mpg (US) in combined city/mountain/highway driving. It seemed bigger than a FIT, at least in the front seats. It was a pretty nice little car to drive, lots of power including in the mountains, and I know it would get mileage aat least 65 mpg with just highway driving. It griped me that nothing like that was available here...

  • James Posted: 9/8/2008 10:51pm PDT

    I cannot believe Ford has destroyed the Verve concept vehicle by turning it into this horrid looking sedan. Why are they tring to steal sales from their own Focus sedan? Today, I read that the BIG 3 are asking for $50 billion in government loan garantees...I suggest they FIRE every US exec let the Euro folks run the company.

  • steve Posted: 9/10/2008 2:48pm PDT

    i agree w/ many of the above comments.... ford (and other auto companies) must face the fact that there are many buyes in the u.s. that LIKE hatchbacks and WANT hatchbacks. When will detroit stop shortchanging the u.s. customer and give us what they make and sell in europe, which, for the most part are products far superior to what is sold here. Pay attention ford: we want a hatch version of the verve/fiesta!

  • 3 Door Hatch PLEASE Posted: 9/17/2008 8:31pm PDT

    I bought my wife a new 2008 Focus SES and my son a 2006 Focus ZX3 and if it was my choice I would take the ZX3 so please Ford bring the 3 door hatch to the USA as my choice. I heard about this car coming to the USA earlier in the year and started searching on line for pictures and my choice by far is the 3 door hatchback. Make mine black exterior with black interior,SYNC,Leather,Power Windows, Power Door Locks,Keyless Entry,ABS w/Traction Control, Audiophile System,Moonroof,if this isn't specific enough then I don't know what else to say. Oh and keep the front view just like the UK version and don't put the stupid looking chrome crossbars on the front.If you want to make even better a SVT choice shouldn't be discounted either. Just take a look at the Mazda 2 Demio if you have any questions on how to do that.

  • Joe Mescher Posted: 1/15/2009 7:48pm PST

    "Ford Fiesta Movement"

    Ford did something right.
    Using social media to promote their new fuel efficient car to Americans looking for a reason to buy is viral genius, and the way our car industry needs to move to engage customers on their own terms.
    Fiesta Movement (fiestamovement.com) could only be strengthened by adding an economic incentive after the car is released to the public (like Hyundai's "no job, no problem" clause).

  • scottandselena Posted: 3/12/2009 4:28pm PDT

    "Ford Fiesta Movement"

    Ok, boys and girls. This is my entry into the Fiesta Movement Special Agent Contest. I hope everyone likes it. We filmed it over the course of two weekends with our Canon SD 630 digi.
    BE SURE TO WATCH ALL THE WAY TO THE END! There's a lot to see. You may need to watch it more than once to catch all the subtle little comedic moments.

  • detroitshow Posted: 3/26/2009 11:12pm PDT

    "Ford Fiesta Musical Video"

    Awesome music specially for the Ford Fiesta! Watch this great video

  • detroitshow Posted: 3/27/2009 11:08am PDT

    "Ford Fiesta Movement"

    I posted the link wrong, here it is again.
    This is the music that should go with the Ford Commercials!

  • detroitshow Posted: 3/27/2009 11:08am PDT

    "Ford Fiesta Movement!"

    linked to my name

  • Big Bad Glen Posted: 3/27/2009 11:18am PDT

    "Ford Fiesta Musical Video "

    A must see! Awesome music and vocals. A new concept of video - simple yet effective.