• John Adams Posted: 3/7/2009 1:03pm PST

    "2009 Corolla Steering Problem"

    Any word on a service campaign for the problem with the steering yet?

  • David Banks Posted: 2/15/2009 7:41pm PST

    "Toyota 2009 Corolla"

    I hope they also look into the 2009 Corolla, too. They have steering problems, too.

  • Scott Posted: 4/14/2008 4:12pm PDT

    Amen, Kurt, Wayne K. Didn't Toyota recall more cars than it sold back in '06? If GM had done such a thing, don't you know we'd hear about it for weeks, maybe months. Toyota must spend more on advertising than the others.

    Oh, and let's not forget the recent huge buyback of Tacomas...

  • Kurt Posted: 4/14/2008 11:14am PDT

    I specifically watched the network news the night of the recall announcement last week to see if it would be reported. It was NOT reported by ABC, CBS or NBC. Yet when Detroit automakers have much smaller recalls, it usually is reported.

  • Wayne K Posted: 4/10/2008 9:11pm PDT

    It amazes me that people can justify Toyota's recalls becaue they are "coming forward with the issues"...What a load of BS. Even if Ford, GM, Chrysler, or anyone else had a huge recall like this and came forward quickly and did the recall, folks out there would still say "what horrible quality".

    News Flash, Toyota is run by humans just like the rest of the auto industry, and they all make cars with issues.

    And BTW, Ford, Chrysler, and GM have all done recalls without the lawyers fighting it off. But those are domestics, and noone likes the domestics I guess.....

  • Brent Posted: 4/10/2008 6:24pm PDT

    Cars are extremely complex creations and I'm surprised how few problems they have. However, I would not own a Toyota if you gave it to me; problems or not. I agree, Toyota is a master at keeping this stuff under the radar. Remeber the sludge problem?

  • John Posted: 4/10/2008 5:24pm PDT

    No Toyota just brushes it under the table and hopes no one notices. Yeah Gm Ford and Chrysler just pay off the lawyers. Thats why they have so many compair to the imports.. Don't think so. Toyota is no better than any of the other makers. So don't go praising them for being better. If anything they are probably worst at hiding stuff. Also these are 03 and 04 cars. I wonder how many people had to pay to get these things fixed before Totyota had to do this recall.

  • Rich C Posted: 4/10/2008 4:43pm PDT

    Is there a similar problem with the Pontiac Vibe?

  • Ed Posted: 4/10/2008 10:15am PDT

    "Second off, this is great! Maybe now people will start seeing that even the MIGHTY Toyota has issues, it’s not just a Ford, Chrysler, GM thing."

    Of course it would be better if they did not have to do the expensive recall. BUT the major point of this story is that they DID the recall, while in the past the big 3 would get their high-priced lawyers and do a cost-benefit analysis and if it made sense NOT to fix the problem, they would take the risk and NOT fix it.

    This is NOT the "Toyota Way".

  • Wayne K Posted: 4/10/2008 7:33am PDT

    First off Baghdadi, let it go, this is not a place to start bashing the American working class.

    Second off, this is great! Maybe now people will start seeing that even the MIGHTY Toyota has issues, it's not just a Ford, Chrysler, GM thing. But it's amazing that it's not getting the "Big Story" on the news, like the domestics get when they recall a car for anything.

    Congrats Toyota, welcome to the big time........

  • Baghdadi Posted: 4/10/2008 12:05am PDT

    Are the Toyota being recalled are assembled in the USA?!,if so 'Toyota' deserves it,too many US fols are either 'Tipsy' or on 'Weed' (loco weed),even while at work!. never mind while driving!!!