• dinnison Posted: 4/5/2008 1:15pm PDT

    You need to understand economics better.
    If all of us were middle class or below, nobody would be spending money on the construction of the mansions and other possessions of the well to do. The wealthy provide not just the most dollars into the tax base, but they are the ones bringing employment to so many americans in the building trades, boat construction, audio-visual, etc. as well as the service trades.
    Everybody else just buys the foreign built crap from Wal Mart.

    While I agree that the top entertainers and sports players make too much money relative to the others, we are the ones who spend the money to see them, who vote for the government funded stadiums, and vote down the school bills. You can only blame yourself if you think they make too much money.

  • Rebuttal Posted: 4/4/2008 7:01pm PDT

    I disagree. Unless you've seen Jerry Seinfeld's tax filings or are his accountant, you likely have no idea of the degree to which he chooses to be philanthropic. To the extent that he's earned millions of dollars making people laugh, why should he not be entitled to spend some of his wealth collecting cars? By your logic UnHello, Senifeld is morally obligated to donate the money he doesn't spend on food and lodging. Let's face it, if there were no affluent people spending money on cars, there'd be no exotic car companies in business, and we'd be stuck reading road tests on Ford Foci (no offense...)

    Seinfeld may indeed be a bad and selfish person, or he may be a deeply spiritual and altruistic person. I don't think you have a basis for forming an accurate judment of his character by surveying his car collection from the pages of a magazine.

  • UhHello Posted: 4/4/2008 5:28pm PDT

    What a tool. Another overpayed liberal hollywood a@# with too much money and not much of anything else. I heard he has 47 porsches. How many homeless, and underpayed workers does pass by on his way to his even more ridiculous long island mansion? I am sure he writes his fair share of checks to charities to get the tax breaks, but nobody can possibly justify one man having so much. Don't give me that, he earned it nonsense either. You would think someone whose been blessed with so much could do more than buy 47 porsches and a mansion for himself. I am no liberal, but enough is enough. The average guy is sick of hollywood, CEO's etc. Getting richer while everyone else barely treads water. Then they have the nerve to call themselves democrats, and for the "little guy." Seinfeld? No. Seinselfish.