• Bunter Posted: 4/3/2008 1:19pm PDT

    Prius doubters-
    Malibu 4-base $20K 25mpg (could use many midsizes, just an example)
    Prius- $21K 45mpg
    At 15k miles per year and 3.00/gal they break even at 15mo.

    But the extra cost is not up front, it's distributed over the loan term.

    Savings start the first month.

    This does not include the Prius' excellent resale and reliablility. Personally I also like the styling.

    You guys have just been snowed by the comparisons where they try to pretend the prius is a compact so they can add in a few thousand dollars to the margin.

    Get over it.

    Love and bullets,


  • Steve Posted: 4/3/2008 11:11am PDT

    Why does everyone rip on the RAM. Last time I checked, the one I have, a 2005, is the best, check that, the VERY best truck I have ever owned. Over 100K miles, still looks
    new, trim and interior are in excellent shape, no rust, paint glows, no issues with transmission, or brakes, just a great vehicle. Beats the heck out of the previous
    Fords and Chevys I have owned. I will continue to buy DODGE forever. Secretly, how many others out there covet a DODGE !

  • Wayne K Posted: 4/2/2008 10:38pm PDT

    As someone posted earlier, the buying public has spoken, including fleet or not, the cars were all purchased, so they are top sellers.

    Now with someone posting earlier that the GMC Sierra and the Silverado should be posted together and the G6 and Aura posted together. Yes they are the same vehicle behind the badges, but Ford doesn't report 500/Taurus sales with the Montego/Sable. Nor do they report Escape sales with Mariner or Tribute sales. That's just stupid to say that they should be reported together. They are all different vehicles as far as the dollars go, so they are all being reported properly. Get over it.

  • Oliver Posted: 4/2/2008 9:41pm PDT

    face it, the Prius is the Gremlin of the new millenium. U-G-L-Y. Congrats on taking the smart, fat, homely girl to the prom!

  • JEM Posted: 4/2/2008 8:24pm PDT

    Bunter - the Prius made economic sense back when you could get a permit to get into a carpool lane solo with it. Now, its sales numbers just show that there's a lot of folks out there for whom the purchase price isn't much of a consideration when buying the thing, and that Toyota's holding the pricing line at or near their cost just to hold onto that feelgood market segment.

  • JEM Posted: 4/2/2008 8:19pm PDT

    The Focus is a ghastly antique that Ford's got to be pushing out the door for peanuts, the new Accord is the second-ugliest thing on the market though it's doubtless decent mechanically, and why on Earth would anyone buy the aging and despicably cheesy Dodge Ram when there's so many better trucks out there? They can't all be big Cummins diesels. If Toyota's still losing money on the Prius its best-seller status means they must be losing a bunch. That CR-V is by far the ugliest thing on the market (Honda now having two of the top slots) and the G6 is a mediocre product but no worse than a few others on the list.

  • Steven Posted: 4/2/2008 7:58pm PDT

    I know that fleet cars are sales for the manufactures, however I would like to see this list be a ranking of consumer sold retail unit and not include fleet sales numbers. If the fleet cars were not a component of this list then you would not see the G6, Impala, Malibu or possibly the Focus and Caravan either.

  • John Posted: 4/2/2008 7:55pm PDT

    I can tell you one that should be in the top 20, the Cadillac CTS.

  • Bunter Posted: 4/2/2008 5:14pm PDT

    JJ-definately the the cars you listed are superior to the Focus but it is an apples and oranges deal. It is one size up (Civic, Corrolla, Cobalt etc.) two of which are ten best sellers and the Cobalt shows up (I suspect) on fleet delivery months.
    Which might be the case here, a big jump in a dull car in one month is often due to a fleet dump or a massive insentive spike.
    The interest in the new 'Bu makes sense, it's a real improvement. A sudden rise in a Cobalt, G6 or Focus is not likely due to a sudden discovery by the public.

    Keep in mind on the Fit (for certain), and possibly the Yaris, that availability/production capacity have been limiting factors in their sales.
    I suspect last months dip in Prius sales may have had the same source seeing that it is up strongly again this month. They sell waaaaaaaaay to many for it to be a mear fashion/environmental statement. To anyone looking at what it really is, rather than trying desperately to concoct reasons why not, it makes a lot of sense.
    I've never understood the weird hostility this car brings out. What's the point?

  • Ed Posted: 4/2/2008 4:46pm PDT

    J J Says:
    April 2nd, 2008 at 3:15 pm

    "Despite the anecdotes of car buyers switching to small fuel-efficient vehicles, there are 5 full-size pickups on the list and ZERO sub-compacts."

    Well DUH! That's because, unlike the SUVs, pickups are USED by famrmers and construction workers, they cannot switch to... Minivans like dumb soccer moms can! And ALSO because each of the big 3 makes ONE truck, but several CAR models.DUH again!

    "No Mini. No Yaris. No Fit. No Aveo. No Scion."

    Well DUH again! All of these are NICHE vehicles, low-volume. The fit is head ans shoulders better than the rest. The aveo is a Korean POS from DAEWOO that went BANKRUPT and bought by GM and marketed as ... "Chevy" in the US and Europe and as BUICK (NO kidding!)) in Buick-loving China.

    "Each of those are better than the new Focus. Why don’t they sell?"

    because t he FOCUS is COROLLA and CIVIC sized, NOT Fit-yaris-Scion-sized.

    And both the corolla and the civic are on the list, and HIGHER than the POS focus.

  • J J Posted: 4/2/2008 4:15pm PDT

    Despite the anecdotes of car buyers switching to small fuel-efficient vehicles, there are 5 full-size pickups on the list and ZERO sub-compacts.

    No Mini. No Yaris. No Fit. No Aveo. No Scion.

    Each of those are better than the new Focus. Why don't they sell?

  • Tom L Posted: 4/2/2008 2:39pm PDT

    Actually - sidetracking a little - in hindsight the early adopters of the Prius may not have been making such a silly decision. In 2006 used 04 and 05 Priuses were selling for more than what they cost new (granted, to morons). I have to think a fair number jumped at the chance to actually make a profit on a car they had driven for 2 years. Will it happen again? Not to the Prius but I wouldn't be suprised if it happened to the Volt. Just need a well-timed spike in gas prices to fuel public hysteria.

  • Bunter Posted: 4/2/2008 1:23pm PDT

    It would be interesting to see the list without fleet sales.
    I blieve the Impala is over 50% fleet and the G6 and Caravan are pretty high also.

    Prius bashers need to get a life, it's a mid-size sedan (interior dimansions nearly identicsl to the new 'Bu. Source: CR data), priced like a mid-size sedan, the batteries in high mileage examples are holding up great (well past 200K) and it gives an additional 20 mpg over the competition.
    Savings start day one. (Nay sayers try to pretend it's a compact based on the exterior dimensions.) And no, i don't own one.

  • Ed Posted: 4/2/2008 12:42pm PDT

    " Tom L Says:
    April 2nd, 2008 at 11:26 am

    Wow, not one body on frame SUV on the list. Someone post the top twenty list from 5 years ago. I’d like to compare the two."

    Exactly. I know that in 2000-2002 the Explorer sold 450,000 copies and was top 5, let alone top 20, ahead of even the camry. Now it sells less than the silly PRIUS!

  • Tom L Posted: 4/2/2008 12:26pm PDT

    Wow, not one body on frame SUV on the list. Someone post the top twenty list from 5 years ago. I'd like to compare the two.

  • Ed Posted: 4/2/2008 11:47am PDT

    Which of these vehicles doesn’t deserve to be in the top 20 sellers? Tell us in a comment below.

    8. Dodge Ram. I liked the original styling, but styling is not enough.

    10. Ford Focus; Thanks to high gas prices, this TRULY EXECRABLE and, much worse, OUTDATED POS made the 10, narely, but does NOT deserve to be in the top 100, let alone the top 10. WHILE in Europe they have a NEW and FAR IMPROVED Focus, HERE FORd chose the cheapskate way to fool, the secretaries that buy it. Ford thought, they are auto illiterates anyway, so we'll save a bundle by just facelifting the old POS. Trouble is, the facelift produced a WORSE looking front end, with headlights lile eyeglasses of 60s Mother-in-laws. If you've seen them, you'll agree.

    11. Toyota Prius; An expensive, STUPID way to save on gas, while blowing $10,000s in price premiums and replacement bateries down the road. THis is a vehicle for CITY FLEETS, NOT for private owners that want to shoiw off how green they allege to be.

    13. Ford Escape: a boring little box.

    14. GMC Sierra: Should report as ONE model with the Silverado, then it will be ALWAYS the best selling truck in the US.

    15. Ford Fusion: mediocre.

    17. Pontiac G6: Both this and the Saturn Aura should be listed together with

    18. Chevrolet Malibu;

    In fact many call the Aura "G6 2.0" and the new excellent but pricey malibu "G6 3.0"

    It's evolution, not revolution, as many clueless journalists gush.

    and that's my two cents, Paul.

  • jonnyd Posted: 4/2/2008 11:35am PDT

    Pontiac G6? Say bye bye

  • Tall1 Posted: 4/2/2008 11:32am PDT

    I would have to say the the majority of the vehicles listed are worthy considering their competition, but the one that needs to be evicted would be the Ford Focus. That vehicle has become the Joan Rivers of compact cars with it's odd proportions, chrome gills and horrible interior. For some unknown reason Ford decided America needs the awkward coupe model as opposed to the more balanced somewhat appealing hatch model. Anywho that is my take.

  • edgardo reyes Posted: 4/2/2008 11:17am PDT

    Silly question, Since best seller is not a matter of opinion but a fact. The fact that they are top sellers means the public has alreay spoken.

  • throwback Posted: 4/2/2008 10:38am PDT

    Actually they all deserve to be on the list. Some due to price (Focus), some for function(F150) some for fashion(Prius).