• Thor Posted: 3/28/2008 12:52pm PDT

    You fail to mention that Ford poured in another $10 billion to improve jaguar after it bought it, and an unknown (to me) amount in land Rover.

    It was clearly a Horror story for Ford, and it is unclear what. if anything, the sale will do for "Tata".. except provide it with a few slow-selling halo cars to improve its low-rent Yugo-Hyundai-Kia image.

    Far better brands such as Packard were left to die in the 50s (although it is still very much alive among collectors today). jaguar should have been told to sink or swim as well...

  • Thor Posted: 3/28/2008 12:55pm PDT

    "But when you dig even deeper, the numbers look even worse – a lot worse. By our calculations, Jag and LR added up to one of the costliest chapters in Ford Motor Co.’s long history, having very likely drained away between $35 billion and $50 billion based on the best estimates gleaned from the carmaker’s financial records."

    Oops...Sorry, Paul, I failed to notice this, which makes my prior estimate far, far less tragic than the $35 to $50 BILLION you cite.

    What a tragedy, and what a damned foolish way for Ford to waste all the $ the excellent First gen TAurus gave it in the 80s..What a bunch of arrogant fools...

  • xjug1987 Posted: 3/28/2008 1:54pm PDT

    Clearly they lost their focus. (no pun intended). Hopefully they'll get rid of Mark Fields, and use this cash injection to develop some good platforms. If not, Ford could go the way of Packard......

  • Tom L Posted: 3/28/2008 3:21pm PDT

    The story of how Ford blew it in the 80's and early 90's would make a good read. Ford's chief competitor, GM, was producing absolutely dismal cars (hello, Lumina) and was completely dysfunctional. Ford failed to seize the opportunity to cement itself as the only domestic maker to consider if you want a solid family car. If they would have focused on producing quality cars instead of attempting business wizardry who knows what would have been.

  • Wayne K Posted: 3/28/2008 4:29pm PDT

    What Ford did with Jag and Land Rover is the same exact thing that Tata is doing. They are looking for a halo brand and an outlet for other vehicles......Looking back on it today, yes, it was a mistake to buy Jag and LR, but at the times, they were considered fairly wise moves. I believe that they should have looked to off load the 2 Brits years ago, but who am I......

    Better late than never they always say!

    But I still think that they should have kept Aston Martin......talk about halo and sex appeal!!! Oh well.

  • GeeBee Posted: 3/28/2008 8:20pm PDT

    The real tradegy of the Jaguar and Land Rover purchase and subsequent loss of Billions of Dollars by Ford, is that that investment capital was not available to improve Ford, Lincoln, and Mercury models.
    ANY due dilligence before purchasing Jaguar should have shown that much more capital investment was required in the brand than Jaguar Sales could ever hope to pay back. The manufacturing facilities were obsolete trash-this could have been determined by a mere visit by a Ford executive.
    As is said openly now at Ford, The 2 and a half billion paid for Jaguar was 500 million for steak and 2 Billion for sizzle.

  • Eric Schrantz Posted: 3/31/2008 4:58am PDT

    I hope the sale helps to funnel more money into improving existing product. People wonder why the Ford Explorer isn't selling anywhere near as well as it used to. I ask, who would want to buy a mid-size SUV where every time you get in and shift from Park to Drive you must grab a round silver 'knob' that has a similar look and feel to a beer can. Come on Ford, you can make your vehicles far more visually and tactfully interesting, and desirable than what you've currently got! If selling the British brands helps to replace that beer can shifter with something much nicer, then I'm very happy Tata was there to buy 'em! Long live Ford!