• Daniel G. Posted: 4/9/2008 8:44pm PDT

    Take a look again at the wheel fenders (flare). The C63's rear fender is much more subtle than the front making it look less aggressive. While the RS4's fenders may be more shallow, its all around aero package seems to agree more aesthetically.

  • Mike F. Posted: 3/31/2008 11:47am PDT

    I have driven the BMW, not the MBZ and have had the opportunity to spend road time and a track day at Infineon Raceway in the RS4. The reality is that these are all highly capable performance cars that, most likely, exceed the abilities of the majority of those that drive them. The levels of performance are truly beyond a what sane person should attempt on the street. At the end-of-the-day, the Audi is still the best "all around" of the three. If you don't believe that one try "any" Quattro equipped Audi on a track in the rain!

  • Mike T. Posted: 3/28/2008 3:23pm PDT

    You may want to read your articles more closely. It clearly stated six-speed.

  • MrClean Posted: 3/28/2008 2:50pm PDT

    Good Review...

    I have spent some time behind the wheel of an RS4 and I agree with most of what you wrote, but like many reviews I have read, I am somewhat surprised there is no mention of the car's racing-inspired, taut suspension. I considered this a notable item. During my time with the car, I noticed the ride and handling were superb as long as I was covering the miles on smooth surfaces. On most "real world" roads, the car actually bounced along, which, for me, was unexpected from an Audi that normally instills more sure-footedness and confidence from behind the wheel.

    I am jealous of your journey; the Hwy 1 drive from San Francisco to Monterey is incredible!

    Oh and that Titanium Package, it's just the right finishing touch for this mean demeanor sedan.

    Make mine Brilliant Black please.

  • Craig L. Posted: 3/28/2008 9:21am PDT

    The RS4 has a 6-speed manual, not a 5.