• roger simon Posted: 3/2/2008 8:58pm PST

    How do you get 11000 bux of of a monroni sticker.. Someone must have had a hell of a pack on that one!!

  • SusieCNG Posted: 2/29/2008 2:48am PST

    How stupid does Ford think customers are?? A blind man could see that Ford Flex is just plain-jane version of Range Rover . . . and what do you think the Taurus X crossover truck was, just a Volvo with Ford label. Speaking of Taurus, what do you think the Ford 500 was, just a Volvo with different skin, and brain-dead Ford didn't even know better to keep the Taurus name!!#?!! I won't even mention the Lincoln Aviator (junk Explorer) or the Edge (Mazda CX7) as other cheap clones Ford is trying. Also pretty sure that Ford Fusion is just Mazda 6 with new skin. I doubt Ford will survive the next 5 to 10 years, as products are terrible and the customer IS getting smarter!! After my experience with Ford Explorer & Firestone tires, I swear to NEVER own a Ford again as bull that spewed out of Ford & local dealers blamed Firestone for the poor engineering of floppy-kneed front end of Explorer!! It's impossible to keep an alignment on Explorer, can't rent U-Haul trailer because of it, and engineered parts failure makes me sick - - $320 for mass air-flow sensor . . .are you kidding !!! Just observe miserable front-end movement on a bump for Explorer, Ford van, Ranger pickup, etc. and you'll know why inside of tire wears out, and these vehicles have blow-outs and rollover causing unnecessary deaths because of Ford gross negligence. Further, I don't have space to cover all the former top selling vehicles that Ford let Toyota copy here in the USA!! I say let Ford die!!

  • ELT Posted: 2/28/2008 12:07pm PST

    There is NO overlap between the Flex and the Expedition; they have completely different demographics (though they both DO feature 3 rows of seating). The Flex is Ford forward-looking view of the minivan, offering car-like ride and maneuverability while shedding the frumpy minivan profile many soccer moms have come to disdain. It is designed as an efficient mover of people. Expedition id designed to move people and equipment in various on and off road environments, while also offering exceptional towing capabilities for boaters, off-roaders and the like. Expedition is also very capable in snow, which still sometimes occurs in North America, all reports of global warming to the contrary. Flex will probably be part of the replacement plan for the Crown Vic going forward as well, as inside reports suggest that the CV is very near the end of its production life.

  • Eric Posted: 2/28/2008 4:17am PST

    Actually, I own a Mercury Monterey. It's been very reliable, and nicely functional. I really like it and know that it is part of Ford's big quality turnaround in the past few years. The $11k off MSRP wasn't bad either!

  • Jerry Posted: 2/27/2008 7:51pm PST

    I like what I see of Flex, but I wish it were smaller, maybe based on Fusion platform. If nothing else comes along tho, I'll be buying one next summer sometime.

  • mikecanada Posted: 2/27/2008 6:21pm PST

    Windstar/Freestar/Monterey were horrible vehicles, but not because of they way they were built. Now that they build the Edge/MKX there, there have not been issues related to build quality, such as fit / finish / paint quality / rattles, etc.

  • Andy Posted: 2/27/2008 4:38pm PST

    Let's hope they get quality under control at Oakville. I know Ford builds lots of cars there,but the Windstar/Freestar/Monterey I believe were assembled there and they weren't shining examples of "Quality being Job 1."

  • WS Posted: 2/27/2008 3:51pm PST

    Not exactly sure what the purpose of this vehicle is. It would seem to me that the Flex and the Expedition have a significant overlap, and I'm not sure it's wise for Ford to try marketing both vehicles in the current fuel price environment. In similar fashion, the new 300/Taurus was an overlapping product that no one really wanted. Too large to be a midsize, but large enough to overlap the Crown Vic's market. To correct that situation, Ford should have replaced the current Crown Vic and 300/Taurus with one decent large car on a rwd platform. In light of the current cost problems, Ford should replace the Expedition with the Flex. Otherwise, in a few years they won't have enough resources to give either platform any decent attention.