• John Sanderson Posted: 1/16/2008 6:03pm PST

    It is obvious that PR started this before they bounced Vines out. Too bad that you have to put out so much "bull" just to get the media's limited attention span.

    A more important media question for Chryslerbrus management is what about the additional 23,000 staff reduction, on top of the DamnearChrysler reduction of 31,000 of a few years ago, is the real "right size" for beleaguredchrysler? And how will this destroy future product development plans and ability? Not some eyewash about another, new, big profit-low mileage truck... Are we chopping to make it more saleable to Renault? They already have proven you can always sell people a car- ONCE, but not for an Encore!

  • carbuzzard Posted: 1/15/2008 7:06am PST

    A "veritable stampede"? Not quite. Those longhorns were doing what bovines do best, just mosyin' up the street in front of the Cobo Center. I was on the other side of the pickups from the cattle so I can't say for absolute sure, but I sincerely doubt that they were "all boys." In fact, a fair wager was that they were steers, which are, well, lets say that they were able to sing all the high notes, having lost their, um, manhood at an early stage of their lives. They make for better eating that way, but in this case are much more docile and less likely to dispute status issues than bulls.